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Welcome to Uni Klinger Limited

Uni Klinger Ltd is a joint venture company formed by a techno commercial collaboration between the world renowned group of Klinger AG of Switzerland and the Neterwala Group of India in 1983, to service Asian markets. While Klinger products continue to be sold in Asian Markets, UKL Steam Engineering Products & Metal Gasketing Products, are being sold worldwide.
Uni Klinger Ltd. has Sales & Service office in Pune and two manufacturing units for the two product lines.

UKL introduces WTA product range including "EURO CHLOR" approved valves
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CE Certificate

The demand for Indian Products in European south Asian and Middle East market is growing. UKL felt this pulse quickly and ventured into export market with a bang.

The primary requirement for recognition to export is approval by CE. This step has been successfully crossed by receiving CE approval. This provides a stepping stone for exploring UKL products in most of the PSUs’. UKL also expects approval by major O&PC consultants shortly.

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